Plan your trip with Bhutan Corinthian

Step One

  1. Travel to Bhutan:

You can plan your own trip using the information provided in our website. The attractions, activities, festivals, hotels, restaurants and tour guides details should help you take the awareness of how your tour in Bhutan should be.

  1. Finalize your Trip:

After you bring together your agenda, you can let us know about your details and the time of your visit. You will soon receive an itinerary within a day comprising of all the essentials you have in your list.

Step Two

Now you need to wire the tour payment calculated by a tour operator like Bhutan Corinthian as well as USD 40 (one time visa fee) to the Bhutan National Bank through one of their certified international partners with the Bhutanese tour operator specified as the ultimate beneficiary. Please email the bank wire receipt copy to the local Bhutan Corinthian Tours and Travels.

Step Three:

Bhutan Corinthian Tours and Travels will complete your visa application but you must send them a clear, scanned copy of your passport. Visa will normally be processed within three days time.

Step Four:

We will email you a copy of the approved visa permit.

We Do the Rest:

As you clear your payments, your visa will start processing immediately. We will be there to take care of all the essential preparations. In-country services, tour guides, transportation, meals and accommodations will be put in array in the most efficient way for you. If required, we will also book your flight to Bhutan from the following destinations: Singapore, Bangkok, New Delhi, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Bagdogra, Guwahati, Kolkotta and Mumbai.