Bhutan Corinthian Tours and Travels is a fully licensed agency which has successfully ventured into making utmost effort to deliver a diversity of services to serve its clients to travel to Bhutan. The promising, most aspiring and visionary agency has its exertion towards a long and fruitful business association.It has spread a wide extension of network to travel Bhutan and has gained a concrete reputation in its excellence of services. Bhutan Corinthian has well prepared activities with suitable Bhutan tour packages in place encompassing the entire spectrum of tourism operation. It emphasizes on meeting the needs and also ensuring the safety of the clients.It has created a niche for itself for its sincere and committed approach to tourist’s requirements anticipating their needs and working towards providing utmost satisfaction.As such, rest assured the clients who want to travel to Bhutan receive the best customer service with pledge and morality. Experience your travel to Bhutan with Bhutan Corinthian Tours and Travels and explore the country with the most suitable Bhutan tour packages.


  • Contributing positively to our communities and environment preserving Bhutan’s ancient culture and pristine landscape.
  • Remaining committed to support growth and development in the tourism and the overall economy of Bhutan.
  • Providing a high standard of service suitable for individuals seeking relaxing, comfortable and satisfying tour experiences.

The Founder

Bhutan Corinthian was brought into being by Bhim Raika who is a travel enthusiast himself. His appetite for travelling has taken him over almost all the corners of the country and carries intimate knowledge on whereabouts and details of the places. The former CEO in Yak Holidays has enough experience of managing the agency and preparing Bhutan tour packages. He was also into a noble profession of teaching  before he treaded into the industry. As an educationist for 15 years he has contributed in nurturing the future of our nation with his utmost sincerity and commitment. His passion for travel centers on his interest in cuisines, history, and culture and of course iconic landscapes of the country. With his experience of ample years with the team expertise on tourism he carries a deep insight into the requirements of travel industry and dealing with the clients Holidaying always gets better with people who are warm and friendly. Travel Bhutan with this person full of life and energy with assured ease, safety and worth of your time and money.

 The Staff

Bhutan Corinthian comprises of staff that are highly qualified and fully experienced. They are trained and prepared to coordinate all the travel requirements efficiently. Our private tour guides are fully conversant in English and other required international languages. They will also take care of all your on-the-ground arrangements, booking the best hotels and reserving all your activities. Our team’s in depth knowledge of the industry further helps us ensure that not even a moment of your precious travel time is wasted. You can completely place your trust in our ability to help you travel to Bhutan.


Accommodation facilities are the major need, to take rest, explore one’s feelings and kill the tiredness after a busy day. Bhutan Corinthian has its friendly collaboration with almost all the good hotels as you travel to Bhutan. We have access to the best hotel rates and tied-up with top resorts and restaurants. You will be surely provided with the most affordable travel deals and expenditures. If you want, you can also pick your own choice after going through our hotel and home stay profiles. And our team will arrange and create your stay accordingly fulfilling all your unmet needs.

Our website

Our website will guide you to explore the lists and details of various attraction, itineraries, accommodations and guides. You can have your choice with the most affordable rate allowed by the government hr. Our website will definitely help you to know more and better about your tour and plan consequently.

We want our travelers to relish the various adventures with attention full of warmth and care. And Bhutan Corinthian is the most right hands where our esteemed customers will find it creating solutions to their travel needs. It toils hard to give you ideal vacation to reward your eyes, ears and taste buds.

Plan your trip with Bhutan Corinthian

Step One

  1. Travel Bhutan:

You can plan your own trip using the information provided in our website. The attractions, activities, festivals, hotels, restaurants and tour guides details should help you take the awareness of how your tour in Bhutan should be.

  1. Your Wish list:

As you surf through you may find the things that interest you. You can always build your agenda by just clicking “Wish List” and adding on to it. We will all time come to your aid lest you should have any queries.

  1. Finalize your Trip:

After you bring together your agenda, you can let us know about your details and the time of your visit. You will soon receive an itinerary within a day comprising of all the essentials you have in your list.

Step Two

Pay online: The Royal Government of Bhutan entails that all visitors to the country should prepay their trip before a tourist visa is approved. Bhutan Corinthian also abiding by the world- class security for payment processing assures the safekeeping of your credit card information. You will receive the receipt and the acknowledgement right after your payment is made.

We Do the Rest:

As you clear your payments, your visa will start processing immediately. We will be ther to take care of all the essential preparations. In-country services, tour guides, transportation, meals and accommodations will be put in array in the most efficient way for you. If required, we will also book your flight to Bhutan.


Let Us Plan Your Trip: Not sure what Bhutan has to offer? Let us plan your trip for you! We will send you a prepackaged itinerary or a customized one with a dream trip tailored just for you.