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Welcome to Bhutan Corinthian Tours and Travels, the best partner to facilitate you to travel Bhutan. We focus on providing comprehensive Bhutan travel packages that cater our guests every need to ensure truly rewarding experiences. We help travelers explore the land of happiness, crafting unforgettable journeys full of adventure and authenticity. We don’t just create itineraries, but also the most memorial reminiscences.

Bhutan is a mystical and far-flung fairy land filled with the air of happiness. It is gracefully nestled in the cloud swathed Himalayas. The land shrouds in mystery and magic with traditional Buddhist culture, which also embraces the global growth wisely Bhutan bags a colorful array of vibrant cultures, exotic traditions, feasts and festivals lined up each season with unique and striking architecture, and friendly souls with warm hearts.

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Bumthang Cultural Trek

3 days trek : opportunities to visit villages and Temples

Central Bhutan Tour

Visit different customs & cultures of the western & central valleys

black necked crane festival

Black Necked Crane Festival

Visit the Cranes roost, stroll through markets and enjoy costumed dances.

Punakha Festival

Punakha Festival

Attend an ancient religious festival in Punakha valley

Jumolhari Round Trek

9 day trek starting from (Shana) Paro and end at Dodena

Jambay Lhakhang Drup

Jambay Lhakhang Drup

Witness the unique festival unlike any other in Bhutan.


Tour Customization

We create custom tour packages for our guest as per the activity they desire

Get Your Visa to Bhutan

Our holiday packages includes guaranteed Bhutan VISA

Best Price Guarantee

We ensure that you’re always getting the best value for money.

Handpicked Hotels

Collection of luxury country house hotels & luxury spa hotels
A grand Bhutan tour that offers invaluable insight into the rich culture and traditions of Bhutan

Bhutan Cultural Tour - Bhutan Cultural Tour Package

thimphu Festival

Thimphu Festival

Most popular autumn festival held in Trashichho dzong.

Paro Festival

Paro Festival

Attending such festival helps them in gaining merit in their lives.

Bumthang Cultural Trek

3 days trek : opportunities to visit villages and Temples

Shangrila Highlight Tour

To a great extent to set eyes on and experience in Bhutan

Central Bhutan Tour

Opportunity to savoir the different customs and cultures

Glimpse of Bhutan

Immerse yourself in Bhutan’s rich Buddhist culture

Bhutan at a glance tour

Bhutan at a Glance Tour

An ideal introduction to the Dragon Kingdom.

Bhutan Home Stay tour

Bhutan Home Stay tour

Enjoy delicious home-cooked meals and the unparalleled hospitality.

Explore Bhutan's rich culture and stunning environment.

Trek Bhutan - unlike anywhere else in the Himalayas

Bumdra Trek

2 days trek starting from Sangchoekor Buddhist collage

Laya Gasa Trek

Introduces you to the unusual culture of the Layap people

Druk Path Trek

5 days Trek and is moderately strenuous.

Bumthang Cultural Trek

3 days trek : opportunities to visit villages and Temples

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